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Wedding Venues - How to Select Place for Reception - Guidance

Choosing the right wedding venue is key to your big day. There are hundreds of wonderful wedding reception venues available in Odisha. We have listed selected venues from Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri. From Arya Samaj Temple to Five star hotels, there's something to suit every budget and style, plus extra 5% discount when you book through us and top tips from our expert planners. Enjoy!
"With so many wedding venues, mandapa, banquet halls available in Bhubaneswar, you’d think choosing one venue for your marriage would be a very simple task, but it never is."
"There are so many things you need to consider before selecting your reception venue. Read all the points carefully."

Things You Should Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue or Mandapa Availability? Obviously the first and foremost factor to consider. Remove the ones which aren't available. We can help you with this process, if needed.
Size of the Venue or Mandapa? How many number of guests are you expecting? Is the size appropriate for your wedding? Picking the right size wedding venue is essential factor in wedding planning.
What is the Cost? There are thousands of wedding venues / mandapa available in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri, but let be realistic - not every venue will fit within your budget. Select the one you can afford, if you need help contact our planning team.
Outside Catering Allowed? Some of the venues doesn't allow external catering in their venues. If In-House catering is must, then check the quality and price first. If they allow external catering, do they provide space and other essentials for cooking?
External Vendor for Decoration Allowed? Some of the venues doesn't allow external decorators in their location. If in-house decoration is must, then check sample designs and price first.
Location of Venue? Is it convenient for your guests? Is it located too close to busy steets? Can guests easily reach this venue? Is it safe? If the venue is too far or not conveniently located, you have to arrange transportation for your guests.
How about parking? You need to ensure your venue has sufficient parking spaces. Without sufficient parking space, it will be a problem for your guests. You don't want your guests to park on road or lonely areas. Always check the total number of parking spaces and divide by number of venues in that property - that will give you exact number.
Do they provide tables, chairs and other essentials? Check what they provide, try to get the list with numbers. Check if there are any hidden charges.
Back up plan incase of extreme weather? This is applicable mainly for outside wedding venues - for e.g. Gardens, Parks. What if it rains? Always ask whether there are any backup options in the event it rains? Do they provide Generator, incase of no electricity?